Library alzenau. In the 1st and 2nd classes Lubo, promotes the essence on the universe, social-emotional expertise base.

class council.The 3rd and 4th classes use after per week the class council. The class council promotes democratic coexistence and participation in college. The students decide which topics they discussed inside the weekly meetings and so find out more in regards to the organization, predicament solving and coexistence inside the classroom.School assembly.Every couple of weeks meet all the kids and teachers inside the auditorium. A class presents a college rule. This really is particularly respected. At the finish from the classes will be rewarded with a star and collect puzzle pieces.

Generating Music class.Due to the fact 2008, the cooperation project “Making Music Class” functions in music lessons primary school Alzenau-Michelbach with and promote the all-important for the improvement of kids of this age active summarizing apa music-making. the annual joint concert project with young musicians from the regional music academies as well as the functionality at the Franconian Music Days is normally a special occasion are for the students of 3rd and 4th classes.AG (joint ventures)This school year, we are able to do various operate groups anbieten- 1st, the photo AG. Right here, compact photographers exhibit their expertise. The chess AG offered by King Knight Club in Alzenau. There’s also the bees AG.

reading skills.Reading partners for the first classes:Inside the initial class parents come to school to practice together with the children to read. They help the teachers in early education. Thank you at this point.Project Week “book”In July 2019 we had our major school festival. Anything revolved around the theme of book:We painted reading chairs image book cinemas have been read out in collaboration together with the Library An amazing book sale was launched flip books had been crafted Leporellos created a bookbinder showed how books binds Lapbooks on “fairy tale” tinkered reading with Mr. Armin Pongs.Each and every 2 years is usually a project week with final college celebration alternatively.

readings.In July 2019 we have been able to invite an author for the college with monetary assistance of your parent advisory council plus the association. We welcomed Mr. Armin Pongs, who then offered us from “Krokofil” read a workshop for the kids in the third classes.The students have their very own access towards the Leseapp “Antolin”. Self employed concerns are answered by the students to read books.Hiking days.Twice a year, every day of hiking takes place. Here is moved or taken the chance to visit the theater again. Well known destinations include the vineyard or the youth hostel in Michelbach and theatrical performances in the castle Alzenau.

mathematics.The 3rd and 4th classes will take part when a year in mathematics championships and also the Kangaroo competitors. In addition, the young children have access to quantity of Zorro ( and work with this platform.Normal cooperation with all the City Library in Alzenau.The adolescents find out the library not merely as extracurricular spot of studying, but in addition as a feel-good.Specific areas of cooperation are:Conducting conceptually coordinated class tours and college visits Joint events possibilities of exhibitions delivering reading boxes image book cinema in schools.Carnival celebration.Because 2019 Carnival is celebrated. The association and the parents’ council support us in our celebration in the fitness center. Wonderful fun for all in the course of exercising and dancing to superb music.Understanding workshop.Just a few years ago the Pals donated the inventory to get a mastering workshop for principal school. This has now been rediscovered, renovated a space for it and equipped with new furnishings. Now unterschiedlichster departments can work here inside a various learning atmosphere in particular topics.Christmas Bazaar / Spring Bazaar.Alternating a bazaar requires place 1 afternoon in December or in March. There’s crafted in classrooms and coffee and cake offered by the improvement association. A pleasant afternoon, that is put to use to cozy exchange in between youngsters, parents and teachers.

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