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What Makes a Solid Essay?

It is relatively common knowledge that writing an essay is amongst benchmarking apple the most demanding assignments a student gets to write. At times, it can be quite a challenge for a student to come up with their own paper examples. There is no shortage of instances where a student can get stuck in the writing process. As such, this article looks to highlight the vital elements that you must consider before you settle on your own.

Relying on Sources

While this might sound quite self-explanatory, it is essential to acknowledge that it is essential to acknowledge that other writers in the same field might be using your own ideas to come up with their own. Ideally, you should source out a sample whenever you are working on your essay. It would be best if you were consistent in the referencing style you choose.

Furthermore, acknowledging that other writers have contributed to your work is significant. You can then show that you are not just using their example. The citation method you have chosen should also be recognized and used in your essay. It provides you with the opportunity to take credit where required.

Pay Attention to the Format and Structure

Typically, an essay should contain all the necessary sections. It follows then that each section should consist of its own unique header. However, this might vary from one assignment to the other. Hence, you should ensure that you regularly revise the sample to ensure that you have not missed out on any critical sections.

Generally, writing an essay follows a standard structure that is consistent with the citation method. The main difference between this format and the MLA format is that there is no allowance for the inclusion of other sources. Additionally, the former includes an in-text citation and a list of all sources cited in the essay.

Writing the Introduction

Typically, this part is written immediately after the conclusion of the paper. Thus, you are required to ensure that you have captured the reader’s attention by outlining the subject and then providing a pertinent background to the subject. It follows then that this section should outline the background of the paper. It should also include the thesis statement that provides the foundation for the essay.

Once you are comfortable with the formatting criteria, you must then decide on how to introduce the introduction. Usually, it is recommended that you begin with a statement that guides the reader on the concept. You should also include the background of your topic in a sequential manner. It helps you to ensure that you have captured the attention of the reader.

Developing the Body

Generally, you will have a lot of freedom when it comes to writing the body of your essay. Nevertheless, this should not be the sole deciding factor. You must ensure that you develop all the relevant sections. Most of the time, you might have to combine the multiple sections into a single paragraph. It follows then that you should also Include all the sources you have used in the paper.

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